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Based on award winning research, the M.O.S.T. (Mastering Organizational & Societal Transformation) Assessment matches your unique strengths and interests with careers that are more likely to feel like "professional callings" than everyday work. We accomplish this by asking questions that reveal your current (and desired) areas of positive change talents, the type of change you hope to influence, the change approach you most prefer, and the professional identity you are most likely to enjoy. When combined, your answers to these questions reveal your unique Meaningful Career Preference — one of 16 preferences in total! 

Your customized report will reveal detailed information about actual careers that match your preference as well as a customized blend of resources, based on research with positive change experts, educators, employers, and emerging practitioners. ​​You can also take your career to the next level by translating insight into action through career coaching.


Before taking the assessment, consider emptying your internet browser's cache. Simply navigate to your browser's settings, select 'Clear browsing data,' and tick the box for 'Cached images and files.'