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Aspiring Researcher?

Become an OD Career Calling Research Assistant

The OpenSourceOD team is scouting the globe for talented and aspiring researchers and data analysts who are willing and able to contribute their time to a project that will help aspiring job applicants, employers, OD education institutions, and the field of OD itself!

Become an OD Career Calling Research Assistant

What You Get

  • You'll be credited as a research assistant and, upon successful completion of your volunteer period, will receive a public shout-out for your own skills and impact on LinkedIn.

  • A really nice bullet point on your resume

  • A chance to learn advanced methods and develop a sense of team spirit with some really brilliant (and fun) people?

What We Are Looking For!

  • Practical experience with quantitative statistics

  • Skill in producing compelling statistical visuals that tell stories!

  • At least two hours a week that you can commit to

  • Familiarity with google sheets and/or excel

Contact Us!

Ready to help show the field of OD what it's capable of and support a clear and compelling career path for anyone interested in positive change? Click here to submit a form with your details, and we will be in touch with you in 3 business days.

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