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Cultivating a Mindful Workplace

Help your employees develop numerous mindsets associated with mindfulness practice, which support a gratifying, enjoyable and creative workplace.

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About the Course

A more mindful workplace, which includes the collective ability to practice mindfulness and align deep values (such as inclusion) with behaviors has numerous researched benefits to an organization's culture and performance. In a recent study conducted by Dr. Brendel and associates, when compared with a control group, those who practiced mindfulness for 45 minutes each week (an average lunch break) for eight weeks, experienced an increase in mindsets associated with reduced misunderstanding and conflict, and increased performance and leadership capacity. Among many others, these mindsets included: Gratitude, Creativity, Tendency to Forgive, and Growth Mindset.

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  • Learn to enjoy the benefits of a mindfulness practice routine tailored to fit your lifestyle.

  • Learn several practices will be introduced in this 8 week program, including sitting, body-scan, walking, eating, and loving kindness meditation.

  • Receive an MBSR workbook, copy of Jon Kabat-Zinn's "Full Catastrophe Living", and online videos developed by Dr. Brendel

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