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Design Thinking

Help teams, which may not understand their own innovative capacity, run the essential processes of design thinking: a continuous process of improving the experience of their constituents.​

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About the Course

It's been said that the only sustainable competitive advantage an organization has is innovation. Design thinking is a systematic approach to strategic innovation, which invites your constituents/stakeholders/audience into a process of co-creating a more meaningful experience with your organization..

Strategic insights are gained through a set of tools that help the organization cultivate radical levels of empathy for its constituents, which includes seeing the world through their eyes, understanding the world through their experiences and feeling the world through their emotions. Rather than creating innovative solutions on behalf of the constituent and spending too much time on analysis, design thinking invites constituent to rapidly re-imagine and “try on” their own journey, tracking the levels meaning derived at each touch point with the organization, and turning their deepest (human) desires into experiences that are satisfied through your organization.​

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  • Engage employees in leading proactive changes (big and small) that directly and transparently improve their strategic value and satisfaction.

  • Harness expertise and ignite their desire to help the organization grow and flourish.

  • Carry out and measure the success of creative changes they have directly developed.

  • Build organization-wide leadership capability.

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