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Developing Organizational Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Give those who are responsible for leading DE&I efforts a step-by-step approach for applying a consensus driven, inside-out, inspiring methodology that works!

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About the Course

DE&I efforts are only likely to succeed when they address three levels of the organization: the individual level (learning and motivation), the team level (inclusion and socialization), and the organizational level (equity and strategic integration). This workshop covers all three and provides the skill-sets and diagnostic approaches to develop and sustain practical and authentic DE&I.

First, this workshop facilitates the individual development of a reflective practice, a continuous process of introspection around our own unique perspectives, motivations, and areas of growth.

Participants are then facilitated through a process of uncovering, integrating, and benefiting from their common bonds and unique differences. Participants learn how to diagnose, provide feedback, guide dialogue, and suggest DE&I interventions to the organization.

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  • Practice multiple forms of mindfulness practice.

  • Learn the studied benefits of regular mindfulness practice at work.

  • Learn how to integrate mindfulness practice into routine spaces in the workplace, including meetings, presentations, and difficult discussions.​

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