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High Performance Teams

Make your team more effective with proven protocols for navigating difficult discussions, developing a deeper sense of cohesion, and sharing a deep sense of strategic clarity.

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About the Course

What if we re-conceptualized teams as both a laboratory for brilliance and an unique mystery of group dynamics forever unfolding? High performance teams require this new paradigm, lest they become irrelevant in times of change. To be continuously innovative, teams require special care, maintenance, and an environment of supports and challenges that makes them rise to every occasion. Most team building workshops create disorienting experiences (e.g. ropes courses and trust falls), but lack the type of deep reflection that is required to change habits of mind regarding belonging, contributions, selflessness, gratitude, trust, respect, and strategic alignment.
This workshop accomplishes these deeper dives and is aimed not only at increasing cohesion and goal alignment, but also moving beyond the "Performing" stage of team development to the "Transforming" stage. In this stage, team members actively work to challenge the premise and efficacy of their strategy, relationships, and integration of new support technology. Self-transforming teams have an edge in that they are not just focused on continuous improvement, but also helping each other grow.

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  • Develop Continuous Learning Opportunities

  • Promote Inquiry & Dialogue

  • Encouraging Collaborative Learning

  • Connect to the External Environment

  • Capture and Share Learning Strategically

  • Leading Learning

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