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Strategic Clarity

Give your leaders the gift of a tried-and-true approach for creating strategic clarity, increasing performance, and sustaining organizational agility in unpredictable times!

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About the Course

Where is your organization really heading? In too many directions? Too few? How clear is everyone about what your organization aims to accomplish collectively? What do collaboration and learning look like between different strategic imperatives? What type of environment do you need to sustain strategic clarity? What structures might be preventing strategic integration in your organization? In addition to answering these questions, this workshop zooms in on the short and long-term opportunities and threats that exist if your organization does not change! This workshop introduces participants to a tried-and-true approach for creating strategic clarity, which Dr. Brendel has used while consulting with clients throughout the world.

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  • Take a survey that helps identify clarity and commitment around your organization's vision statement.

  • Unpack underlying assumptions about what our organization's vision and mission really mean, and how they can be utilized strategically on a regular basis

  • Develop and customize next steps for helping others unpack and act upon your vision in concrete and exciting ways.

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