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Transformative Leadership

Provide your leaders with a framework and set of essential practices for cultivating leadership presence and resonating with employees.

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About the Course

In addition to navigating complex challenges, leaders are called upon to be visionary, collaborative, and creative to positively impact the performance of their organizations. As a result, recent leadership development models are expanding the definition of leadership beyond situational and competency-based approaches, which reduce leadership to a particular set of behaviors and skill sets.

These models distinguish leadership as a way of being and focus on the interpersonal development of the self as leader, which includes cultivating real-time awareness of mental models and conscious insights, while intentionally integrating an individual’s sense of identity, which is grounded in values, beliefs, and natural talents. Developing these attributes requires learning how to access the body in a way that anchors leaders to the present moment and intuitive connection to their sense of purpose, perceptions, thoughts, and emotions.

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  • Learn the uses, examples and basic processes of GE Workout.

  • Learn how to take teams from forming to performing as quickly as possible.

  • Practice tools and frameworks for making progress practical.

  • Identify opportunities and challenges suitable for workout and arrange the right people.

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