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Frances Baldwin

Dr. M. Frances Baldwin

Principal Consultant, Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author, Award Winner, Creative Amplifier

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Designed Wisdom Inc.


Frances has over forty-five years of international experience as an educator, leadership consultant and coach. She served as an internal consultant for 20 years in the petrochemical industry and city government. As founding principal at Designed Wisdom, inc., a boutique consulting, coaching, and training firm, Frances’ clients have included medical, aerospace, nuclear, military, educational and community organizations.

Winner of two lifetime achievement awards, Frances is also affiliated with the OD Network, NTL Institute, Journal for Social Change, World Café Foundation, and the Doctorate in OD & Change Program at Bowling Green State University.

Her signature style of teaching and speaking is the articulation of wisdom and useful principles gleaned from an extensive hands-on career; offered through engaging dialogue and compelling stories infused with humor and presence.

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"Oh, good scholar, I say to myself, how can you help but grow wise with such teachings as these."

~ Mindful by Mary Oliver


My services as personal and professional coach are grounded in more than 45 years of experience as an effective educator and consultant to organizations. My broad, international experience has spanned, the public square, academia, interest groups, nonprofits, corporations, military, and government agencies, in settings from plant floors to executive suites and board rooms. As a perpetual learner I love people, value authenticity, common sense, common courtesy, diversity, culture, context, systemic reality, and the constancy of change. I define myself now as a wisdom- keeper, seasoned helper and thinking partner.

My journey traversed learning to perform; cultivating my being; and my presence. Presence and the propensity to “see wholes and sense deeper” describe my uniqueness as a coach and consultant. My strengths and growing edge have been experimenting with how to……. embrace, embody, translate, and apply concepts; and, how to extrapolate life-informing wisdom from knowledge and experience. My objective as a coach is to help others to walk in the world with clarity and confidence, making meaning and creating useful options within the context of where they live and work.

My certification as a Gestalt trained coach and practitioner of organization and systems theory reflects my grasp of a comprehensive body of related knowledge, skills, and criteria for how to engage a wide range of situations with relevance and impact.

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