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Immersive Learning Circles

Mastering the art of reflective leadership and consulting with friends!

Master the Art of OD

An Organization Development practitioner's options are not always ideal, as they often face obstacles that are out of their control. It's up to the consultant to remain mindful, navigate ambiguity, and embody caring and collaborative change. Learning how to make level-headed, values-based judgment calls - particularly when things just don't seem right - is key to the practice.

So, imagine dropping into a simulation, recorded with a cast of actors and scripted from a real life consulting cases in collaboration with legends like Ed Schein, Peter Block, Frances Baldwin, Tonya Wilson, Dave Jamieson, and more. Imagine that in the spirit of choose your own adventure books, every choice you make is met with larger-than-life consequences that require additional decisions! Imagine that your available choices are based off theories and competencies being taught in your course (e.g. use-of-self, process consultation, appreciative inquiry, ethical decision making, conflict mediation, diversity and inclusion, group dynamics, or situational leadership).


If you can imagine all these things, you've only scratched the surface. To know what an Immersive Learning Circle is, you must immerse yourself! Browse our different ILC offerings below!

"The design, structure, and facilitation of my Immersive Learning Circle created a well rounded learning experience. As a result, I enjoyed some very powerful lessons about myself as a consultant and OD in general in a short amount of time. I will be coming back and inviting friends!"

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