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A Masterclass in Positivity

Professionalism, People-Focus
A Tale of
A Masterclass in Positivity
Contributed by

Kay Olson

Employee Spotlight

Mary Hakes


Improved Services, Improved External Relationships

A Masterclass in Positivity

In the realm of everyday interactions, a remarkable tale of compassion and genuine connection unfolds – a tale personified by the actions of Mary Hakes. In the bustling world where countless demands vie for attention, Mary emerges as a beacon of warmth and authenticity, a true embodiment of the core value "People-focused."

The scene is one that repeats itself day after day – Mary being called away from her office multiple times to address recorder requests at the main counter. It's within this routine that her impact comes to life, transforming the mundane into a realm of meaningful interactions.

With a smile that radiates genuine warmth, Mary steps up to the counter, her voice infused with positivity. It's in these small gestures that she sets the stage for what's to come – an engagement that goes beyond the transactional. Her approach is simple but profound; she greets each person and probes for how she can assist. It's in this initial step that she establishes a connection that transcends the surface.

But it's her listening skills that truly stand out. In a world often consumed by distractions, Mary gives her full attention to the person before her. This act in itself is transformative, validating each individual's presence and their story. And it doesn't stop there – she goes the extra mile, offering condolences in times of grief and celebrating victories in times of joy. In these moments, Mary doesn't just process requests; she acknowledges the humanity of each person.

Through her actions, Mary makes people feel valued – not just as clients, but as individuals with unique stories and emotions. In a world that sometimes feels impersonal, she infuses the human touch, reminding us all of the power of compassion and connection.

For someone who's been a part of the organization for only four months, your recognition of Mary's impact speaks volumes. It underscores that leadership isn't always about holding a title; it's about the everyday actions that inspire and elevate those around us.

As you've observed, Mary's interactions serve as a masterclass in "People-focused" values. They remind us that every moment is an opportunity to connect, to empathize, and to make a difference. As we reflect on this narrative, let it serve as a reminder that we can all take a page from Mary's book – to approach each interaction with authenticity, to listen with intent, and to remind others that they're seen, heard, and valued.

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