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In the Face of Constant Change

Professionalism, Collaboration, People-Focus
A Tale of
In the Face of Constant Change
Contributed by

Janet Hatfield

Employee Spotlight

Long-Term Care Financial Workers


Improved Services, Improved Internal Relationships, Improved Problem Solving

In the Face of Constant Change

In the midst of the ever-shifting landscape brought on by the unwinding of COVID rules, a group of steadfast financial workers stand as beacons of resilience. Among them, the LTC (Long-Term Care) financial workers shine particularly bright, facing an extraordinary challenge with unwavering determination. The task they shoulder is no small feat. As the rules morph and evolve, they remain committed to showing up day after day. It's a testament to their unwavering dedication and embodiment of our core value of "Professionalism." Amidst the maze of guidelines and regulations, they persist, providing stability and consistency to the individuals they serve.

This ability to maintain their composure in the face of constant change is an embodiment of strength, a testament to the value of "Collaboration." As they adapt and adjust, they collaborate not only with each other but with the evolving circumstances, finding solutions where others might see only challenges.

A special shoutout is warranted for these workers, as they grapple with the unique complexities of the aging population in Aitkin County. The LTC realm presents unique challenges, and these workers don't just rise to the occasion; they lead the way. They are the voices of reassurance, the faces of patience, and the embodiment of our value of "People-focused." Their actions resonate beyond the realm of financial work; they extend into the lives of those they touch, reminding us all that dedication knows no boundaries. To the LTC financial workers who navigate the intricacies of rules and changes, you are the heroes of stability, the pillars of support, and the embodiment of the strength that thrives in the heart of Aitkin County.

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