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Become an early backer of M.O.S.T. Meaningful Careers & OpenSourceOD!


Why is it so hard to find meaningful work? It often feels like finding your career calling is simply a game of chance. 


But at OpenSourceOD, we’re trying to change that and help people find meaningful careers by harnessing the transformative power of Organization Development.


OD is a diverse profession that uses caring and collaborative approaches to change based on behavioral science to improve individual well-being and organizational prosperity in schools, communities, organizations, and governments.


The OpenSourceOD platform supports several professional growth opportunities, including: The M.O.S.T. Meaningful Careers Assessment, Immersive Learning Circles, and Innovation Labs. 

  • M.O.S.T. Meaningful Careers, an assessment and customized report that helps graduate students and professionals identify their career callings as positive agents of change.

  • Immersive Learning Circles, a set of scenario-based video simulations based on real-life change efforts, that help individuals develop and incorporate reflection and mindfulness practice in their leadership approach.

  • Innovation Labs, a space to prototype, test, and share new organization development and change applications.


Everyone is invited to explore our website and learn more about each offering before supporting us on Kickstarter! 


Our Kickstarter page is where people can get discounts on our offerings or be the very first to sign-up for programs launching in the Spring of 2023.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kickstarter? 

Kickstarter is crowdfunding platform that allows entrepreneurs and creators to get financial support for their early-stage products. As the very first customers for a new product, "backers" get early access to unreleased products, discounts, and the feeling of being the first to discover a new and exciting company! 


Some well-known products that started on Kickstarter are the Exploding Kittens card game, the Fidget Cube, and the Purple mattress.  

Why crowdfunding? 

Starting a new venture is a big and exciting undertaking! Early start-ups like OpenSourceOD have hard costs such as website hosting and software subscriptions that need to be covered while products are being developed. Other costs, like marketing, are important to successfully launching a new product. 

The M.O.S.T. Meaningful Careers Assessment and OpenSourceOD is currently 100% led by volunteers. We're seeking funding to support back-end hard costs and marketing costs so that we can continue to develop our offerings and spread the message of finding meaningful work far and wide! 

How can I contribute? 

Kickstarter is an easy-to-use platform that has more information about our mission, product offerings, and Rewards for early contributors like you! There, you can shop for the Reward that suits you, ranging from $1 virtual high-fives to full-scale consulting services. You'll be able to select your Reward and check out like you would on any online store. 

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