OD Career Coaching for Altruistic Enhancers
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How you can get started
To engage in this free course, designed to help aspiring OD practitioners develop careers in a meaningful, effective, and economical fashion, you'll first need to complete the OD Career Calling Inventory. This free assessment will reveal which of the 16 Organization Development "Career Callings" is an authentic fit for you. After taking this assessment you'll receive a customized, interactive report to help you chart an enjoyable career journey. Then, you'll be given a link to "Level up" through Level 1 coaching. Learn more about the research behind this assessment or jump right in and take the assessment!
What I learned!
Soon after taking the OD Career Calling Assessment and reviewing my customized report, I completed Level 1 of the OD Career Coaching program. Level 1 is a free, self-paced learning approach tailored to my unique OD Career Calling Preference, which helped me develop:

OD Career Vision: A vivid, compelling, and authentic statement regarding the type of OD career I wish to develop, based off my core values and purpose, as well as the core population I wish to serve. 

Career Mission: A clear, practical, and engaging statement regarding the overarching objective of my future OD career, based off of the type of organization I wish to work for, my specific competency levels and interests, . 

Career Development Strategy: A concrete strategy stemming from my vision and mission, to start developing my OD career today! My strategy includes steps that are specific, measurable, meaningful, attainable, authentic, relevant, and timely. I also learned key search terms and websites that help to tailor and optimize my job search according to my unique preference. 

Steps for Action & Accountability: A plan for engaging with the OpenSourceOD.com online community of those who share my Career Calling Preference. I also learned specific steps to first multiply my career success by taking a Level 2 coaching workshop, and second, help others develop their own OD careers by completing the Level 3 workshop.