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Busting Bureaucracy to save Money, Time, and Top Talent

Discovery: I first examined several organizational surveys administered and analyzed by consultants in the past, and found that three central areas were tied to absenteeism, attrition, presenteeism, and inconsistent leadership behavior. These thee included problems with employee morale, clarity, empowerment. Later "accountability" would be added to the list.

​Dialogue: This analysis was followed by in depth dialogue with members of the leadership team. What we discovered together is that in each of the organization's three divisions there were inefficiencies that - when added up - cost the organization in time, money and top talent. What was needed was a process that engaged emerging leaders (top talent) in an expedient approach to consensus building, prioritization, and decision making. This approach - which I identified as an adapted version of the GE Workout Methodology is based on the premise that those closest to the work know it best.

Epiphany: When the ideas of employees, irrespective of their functions and places in the hierarchy, are solicited and turned into action – on the spot – an unstoppable wave of energy, creativity, and productivity is unleashed throughout the organization. The benefits of Workout include reduced bureaucracy, people empowerment, and continuous improvement.

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