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Plug in and Stand out!
Member Benefits

Our OD Exchange is a dynamic space to connect with OD employers, interns, practicum opportunities, job postings and research collaborations. Share your calling and grow your network in our discussion board and meetups.

Our Network Navigator is a dynamic space to filter through a universe of OD related associations and university programs to find the types of supports that match your strengths, interests, and career preferences.

ChangeMaker+ puts the right OD tools, frameworks, assessments, or AI boosts at your fingertips, searchable by your preferred approach, impact, and specialization area. Save and share your favorites!

Deepen your leadership and consulting skills with collaborative online video simulations called OD Immersives, based on real cases contributed by OD luminaries like Ed Schein, Peter Block, Frances Baldwin and more!

Access our Members-only Blog, OD Insights, which translates the latest OD related research publications into everyday language, focusing on new practices and business cases.. 

Join our once monthly OD Jams where we'll host conversation on a hot topic, answer any questions you have, and establish connections with fellow travelers! OD Jams are all about harnessing the collective wisdom of the OD community.

MOST Assessment

Your journey with OpenSourceOD begins with identifying real OD career paths that align with your strengths and interests with the MOST Assessment. The MOST, which stands for "Mastering Organizational & Societal Transformation" is open to the public and based on current, award winning research of over a thousand OD job descriptions and consulting sites.

The customized report you receive is your key to unlocking a customized experience to all of the features listed below, which make it possible to authentically plug in and stand out in the world of OD!  The MOST is now used in the OD Network's Global Competency Framework Training, and has also been used to help a variety of associations and universities better serve and understand their unique stakeholders.

OD Career Competencies 


OD Exchange

OD Exchange is where your passion meets opportunity. Share your unique OD career calling, expand your professional network through our engaging discussion boards, and find your tribe at our interactive meetups. OD Exchange is designed to foster connections between OD professionals and leading employers, offer enriching internships, practicum experiences, and pave the way for groundbreaking research collaborations.

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Network Navigator

Network Navigator simplifies the process of plugging into OD associations, networks, universities, and certification programs that fit your unique strengths, interests, and OD aspirations. Filter searches based on your desired specialization, change impact, change approach, and professional identity to find the perfect match early in your OD career journey.


OD Immersives

Elevate your leadership and consulting abilities by engaging in practice scenarios based on real-world cases contributed by OD luminaries including Ed Schein, Peter Block, Frances Baldwin and more. As you step into the shoes of these luminaries, OD Immersives offer a safe space to sharpen your intuition and critical reflection capabilities, through reflective dialogue with friends and classmates. 

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ChangeMaker+ empowers change leaders and consultants  with instant access to the perfect OD resources— over 200 tools, frameworks, assessments, and AI assistants—tailored to your specific approach, desired impact, and area of specialization. Effortlessly search, save, and share your favorite resources, ensuring you always have the right solution at your fingertips. Dive into a world where the best OD practices are just a click away, making your journey smoother and your impact more profound.


OD Insights

Unlock exclusive insights with OD Insights, where we distill the essence of the latest OD research into accessible, everyday language. Stay ahead of the curve with summaries that highlight new practices and business cases, all designed to keep you informed and inspired. OD Insights bridges the gap between academia and practice, ensuring you're always connected to the forefront of OD innovation.

OD Jams

OD Jams are monthly events where seasoned veterans and rising stars of the OD world come together to share insights, swap stories, and forge meaningful connections. It's about harnessing the collective wisdom of our community and propelling each other towards greatness. Whether you're charting new territory in your OD career or a seasoned traveler seeking fresh perspectives, OD Jams welcomes you with open arms.

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