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Mastering Organizational & Societal Transformation
The M.O.S.T. Meaningful Careers Assessment
Societal Gamechanger Basics
"We've tried everything!" These are words you'll hear from your OD clients who are struggling to effectively address societal challenges or scale their ability to help constituents. Societal Gamechangers are precisely the type of practitioners that are needed, as they take a highly consultative approach. They come alive through work that entails sensing and helping others understand challenges and opportunities through brand new conceptual frameworks. They often accomplish this through a broad range of OD applications that focus on improving the quality and outcomes of strategic dialogue. Societal Gamechangers also find joy in keeping their eyes open for new ways to include and elevate the perspectives of stakeholders who are often forgotten or traditionally marginalized.
Discover your Preference!
When you're ready to discover your own "M.O.S.T. Meaningful Career Preference", take our free assessment and you'll receive a customized, interactive report to help you chart a transformative career journey. 
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