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Conflict Resolution Gallery Walk

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Strolling Solutions: Walking Through ConflictIntroductionThe Conflict Resolution Gallery Walk is a dynamic and interactive approach to addressing conflicts within teams or groups. Stemming from experiential learning and group dynamics theories, this method transforms static discussions into a movable exploration of perspectives. Participants "walk" through different stations, each representing a viewpoint or aspect of the conflict, fostering empathy and holistic understanding. In our increasingly diverse workplaces and communities, understanding multifaceted conflicts becomes crucial. The Gallery Walk aids in breaking communication barriers, allowing for a comprehensive grasp of conflicts and fostering collaborative resolutions.


Walking Towards Win-Wins

  • Enhanced Perspective Taking: Engaging with multiple viewpoints promotes empathy.

  • Active Participation: The dynamic nature encourages involvement from all participants.

  • Holistic Understanding: Participants grasp the entire spectrum of the conflict.

When to Use

The Walkway to Harmony

  • Team Conflicts: When disagreements arise in teams over projects, visions, or values.

  • Organizational Change: Navigating resistance or differing opinions during transformation phases.

  • Community Dialogues: Addressing divisive issues within communities to foster unity and understanding.

OD Application

Conflict Resolution Gallery Walk: A Deep Dive into its Impact on Well-being and Organizational Prosperity

In the dynamic world of organizations, conflicts are inevitable. These disagreements, when left unresolved, can fester and disrupt the harmony of teams, hampering productivity and stifling innovation. The Conflict Resolution Gallery Walk, an innovative method for addressing and resolving conflicts, presents an opportunity for organizations to harness the positive aspects of disagreements while minimizing their potential damage.

How the Conflict Resolution Gallery Walk Differs from Traditional Conflict Resolution

At its core, the Conflict Resolution Gallery Walk is an interactive, visual, and participative approach to resolving conflicts. Unlike traditional sit-down discussions or mediations, this method asks participants to walk through a physical or virtual 'gallery' of conflict scenarios, solutions, and reflections. It offers a more engaging, holistic, and immersive experience, providing participants with multiple perspectives on the conflict at hand.

Impact on Well-being

Individual Level

1. Enhanced Self-awareness:Walking through the gallery allows individuals to see their conflicts from different angles, promoting self-reflection and increased self-awareness.

2. Reduction in Stress:The informal and interactive nature of the gallery walk helps in reducing the stress and tension often associated with conflict resolution sessions.

3. Sense of Empowerment:By actively participating in the resolution process, individuals often feel a greater sense of control and empowerment over their conflicts.

Team Level

1. Strengthened Team Bonds:The gallery walk's collaborative nature promotes teamwork, as members come together to understand and resolve conflicts, thereby strengthening their bonds.

2. Improved Communication:As team members share their perspectives and listen to others, communication barriers are broken down, leading to more open and effective communication in the future.

3. Enhanced Trust:Seeing team members actively participate in resolving conflicts can boost trust levels within the team, knowing that everyone is committed to a harmonious working environment.

Impact on Organizational Prosperity

Enhanced Productivity:

With conflicts addressed and resolved promptly, teams can focus on their tasks, leading to increased productivity.

Improved Organizational Culture:

A culture where conflicts are seen as opportunities for growth and are addressed constructively can boost overall morale and foster a positive organizational culture.

Increased Innovation:

When team members feel safe to express their opinions without the fear of conflicts, it can lead to more brainstorming and innovative ideas being shared.

Guidelines for Implementing the Conflict Resolution Gallery Walk

1. Choose the Right Environment:

Whether physical or virtual, ensure the gallery space is conducive for reflection, discussion, and interaction.

2. Curate Relevant Scenarios:

Use real-life scenarios or hypothetical situations that resonate with the participants, ensuring they're relevant to the conflicts being addressed.

3. Facilitate Constructive Conversations:

While the gallery walk promotes self-guided learning, having a facilitator to guide discussions can ensure they remain constructive and focused.

4. Encourage Reflection:

After walking through the gallery, provide participants with the opportunity to reflect on what they've learned and how they can apply it in real-life scenarios.

Determining if the Conflict Resolution Gallery Walk is Right for Your Organization

1. Assess the Nature of Conflicts:

The gallery walk is most effective for conflicts that require deep reflection and understanding from multiple perspectives.

2. Gauge Organizational Openness:

For the gallery walk to be successful, there needs to be an openness to innovative approaches and a willingness to engage in self-guided learning.

3. Consider Logistical Factors:

If opting for a physical gallery walk, consider factors like space availability and the mobility of participants.

Observing the Impact

Individual Level:

Look for increased levels of self-awareness, reduced stress post-conflict, and a sense of empowerment among individuals.

Team Level:

Monitor teams for improved communication, increased trust levels, and stronger team bonds.

Organizational Level:

Track organizational metrics such as productivity levels, employee satisfaction scores, and the number of innovative ideas being presented.

In conclusion, the Conflict Resolution Gallery Walk presents a fresh, engaging approach to handling disagreements in organizations. By allowing participants to view conflicts from multiple perspectives, it fosters understanding, empathy, and constructive resolution. When implemented effectively, it has the potential to not only resolve conflicts but also to transform them into opportunities for growth, enhancing both individual well-being and organizational prosperity.


Healthcare: The Gallery of Patient Care

A leading hospital, facing interdisciplinary conflicts, utilized the Gallery Walk. Doctors, nurses, and administrative staff explored each other's challenges, leading to a unified patient care approach.

Technology: Navigating Product Priorities

A tech startup, amidst debates over product features, turned to the Gallery Walk. Engineers, designers, and marketers collaboratively prioritized features, aligning with user needs and business goals.

Non-Profit: Voices of Volunteers

An NGO, struggling with volunteer disagreements, employed the Gallery Walk. Volunteers from different backgrounds expressed their motivations and challenges, fostering collaborative project implementations.

Facilitator Notes

How to Introduce the Conflict Resolution Gallery Walk

  • Framing the Walk: Highlight the aim of understanding multiple perspectives through a dynamic exploration.

  • Safety First: Ensure a safe environment for honest expression without fear of judgment.

Sample Introduction Script

"Today, we embark on a journey, a gallery walk, where each station represents a perspective, a voice. As we stroll, let's open our minds to the

myriad stories and views within our team. Let's walk towards resolution."

Helpful Facilitator Questions

  1. How did it feel to step into another's shoes?

  2. Which station resonated most with you, and why?

  3. What new insights did you gain from this experience?

Anticipating and Overcoming Resistance

Strolling Through Skepticism

Potential challenges:

  • Reluctance to Share: Some participants might hesitate to openly express their views.

  • Overwhelming Emotions: Intense conflicts might evoke strong emotions during the process.

Recognizing Successful Facilitation

Harmonious Hallmarks

Post-facilitation indicators:

  • Open Dialogues: Participants actively discussing and reflecting on the conflict.

  • Empathetic Exchanges: Evidence of understanding and validation between conflicting parties.

  • Collaborative Commitments: Concrete steps towards resolving the conflict.

Deep Dive

Related Theories

Experiential Learning (David Kolb) Field: Education & Psychology A process of learning through experience, closely tied to the Gallery Walk's hands-on approach.

Group Dynamics (Kurt Lewin) Field: Social Psychology Understanding how groups behave, change, and develop, informing the collaborative nature of the Gallery Walk.

Narrative Mediation (John Winslade & Gerald Monk) Field: Conflict Resolution Focusing on the stories individuals tell about conflicts, resonating with the Gallery Walk's emphasis on multiple narratives.


  1. How did the physical act of walking influence your engagement with the conflict?

  2. Were there stations that challenged your previous perceptions?

  3. How can the Gallery Walk be integrated into regular team communication?


The Journey of Conflict Resolution

  1. How does the Gallery Walk influence long-term team dynamics post-conflict resolution?

  2. What are the emotional impacts of participating in a Gallery Walk amidst intense conflicts?

  3. How does the Gallery Walk compare to traditional seated conflict resolution methods?


  1. "Difficult Conversations" by Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, and Sheila Heen: A guide on navigating challenging discussions, resonating with the Gallery Walk's ethos.

  2. "Group Dynamics" by Donelson R. Forsyth: An exploration of group behavior, offering insights into collaborative conflict resolution.

  3. "Narrative Mediation" by John Winslade & Gerald Monk: Diving deep into resolving conflicts through understanding individual narratives, closely tied to the Gallery Walk.


The Conflict Resolution Gallery Walk is more than just a method; it's a journey towards understanding, empathy, and resolution. By physically moving through diverse perspectives, participants break barriers and find common ground. Embrace the walk, embrace resolution, and stride towards a harmonious future.

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