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Immediately increase employee well-being through the many deep, life-changing benefits of regular mindfulness practice.

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About the Course

If you feel overwhelmed by the dizzying pace of modern life, experience difficulty coping with pain (physical and/or emotional), or are simply interested in getting back in touch with your life ‘lived in moments’, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) may be just want you need. It includes expert facilitation in secular mindfulness practices including breathing, body scan, walking, and eating meditation as well as light yoga. This 8 week program (1 day per week for 2.5 hours) includes instruction and dialogue around integrating mindfulness practice into everyday life: at home, in the workplace, and in between.

The researched benefits of this program are real. People who take MBSR report a greater ability to reduce stress and anxiety, cope with chronic pain, generate healthy energy, and approach life with gratitude. Sessions take place either onsite at your organization after work, or at an offsite location of your organization's choosing.

Simply being, rather than getting ‘caught in thought', yields a greater sense of peace, reduction in stress and anxiety, and a greater sense of well- being, compassion, and gratitude. Those who practice mindfulness report a fundamental shift in attitudes toward life and work, which attunes them to a deeper sense of purpose, insight, and wholeness.

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  • Immediately begin cultivating a culture marked by an innovation mindset, which is relaxed, open, humble, caring, playful, patient, and design-oriented.

  • Quickly prototype a new and potentially revolutionary future together, which will have long-lasting impact on their primary stakeholders, including sketches of a new strategy, structure, and set of processes.

  • Establish a team and/or division-wide innovation lab that provides an inclusive space for sharing ideas and insights, experimentation with new processes, piloting programs, and scaling/sustaining successes.

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