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Career Acceleration Program

Take charge of your future, you're worth it!

Career Acceleratin Program

OD Career Acceleration (ODCA)

Take charge of your future as an Organization Development professional with OpenSourceOD's Career Acceleration Program (ODCA), which has helped dozens of professionals turn insights from their MOST Career Assessments into meaningful, practical, and economical career strategies. This accelerated learning approach blends online learning modules with four and a half hours of one-on-one coaching (over three sessions) with award winning OD career expert, Dr. William Brendel. 

Upon successful completion of the ODCA program, you will receive a certification that recognizes your successful integration of contemporary Organization Development (OD) career competencies into an authentic, desirable, and practical career strategy. ODCA Certification also recognizes individuals for their foundational knowledge in OD career development and advancement and serves as an endorsement of their capability to strategically pursue a meaningful career in the field of OD.

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  1. Craft a compelling career narrative rooted in core values, purpose, and talents.

  2. Gain deeper self-awareness and understanding of personal career aspirations.

  3. Identify key skills essential for success in desired career paths.

  4. Learn to align strengths and interests with real-world career opportunities.

  5. Develop strategic action plans to propel career advancement.

  6. Cultivate an impactful online "thought leadership" presence.

  7. Expand professional networks with like-minded individuals worldwide.

  8. Refine resume or consulting framework to effectively showcase expertise.

  9. Enhance visibility and attract opportunities in chosen career domains.

  10. Acquire actionable strategies for achieving career goals and fulfillment.


What you'll Accomplish

Getting Started

Once you have taken the MOST Career Assessment, your journey begins with a deep dive into your career needs, hopes, and preferences. This first, crucial step, is designed to take your sense of inspiration and professional identity to the next level by creating a new and compelling career narrative comprised of your core values, purpose, and talents. You will also be asked to observe and reflect upon characteristics of your current roles to deepen self-knowledge about careers where you are bound to make a difference and feel most energized.

Charting your Course

Next, we'll get strategic! Drawing upon an analysis of over 1,000 OD careers, we'll dive into  the top skills that are required by professionals who share your preferences. We'll also take a close look at your Competency Report, and triangulate your strengths and interests in key skill areas with actual careers you’re more likely to enjoy. If you prefer working for an employer, you'll review curated job descriptions and answer key questions about job characteristics that deepen your interests. If you prefer working as an independent consultant, you'll review curated consulting websites that match your preference. 

Plugging In & Standing Out

Just as it's important to have a strategy for finding the right career, it's equally important to make it easy for the right people and opportunities to find you! In this last step of our journey we'll develop your online "thought leadership" presence, as well as a robust professional support system of like-minded and like-hearted individuals from around the world. If you are interested in working for an employer, we'll imagine what your resume could and should express. If your heart is set on independent consulting, we'll help you draft your unique consulting framework. 

Step 3
Purchase: $2,000 

Your confirmation email comes with access to the self-paced online program that accompanies coaching.

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