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Take Charge... you're worth it!

Take charge of your future as an Organization Development practitioner with evidence-based career coaching! Dr. Bill Brendel has helped dozens of aspiring professionals turn insights from their reports into a career strategies with immediate traction.  Learn more below and reach out to Bill for a 15 minute consult!

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Advice based on robust career analysis

OD Job Locations

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OD Career Characteristics

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OD Industries

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OD Learning Opportunities

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OD Positions

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OD Skill Combinations

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Discussion based on your strengths and interests

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Accompanied by a powerful self-paced learning program

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Facilitated by
Dr. William Brendel

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Here's how to get started!

Step 1
Learn a bit more

Listen to this 2 minute overview about how this program results in a meaningful, practical, and economical career plan (or read).

Step 2
Meet your Coach

Book a 15 minute zoom session to meet your coach, book dates, and get ready for your first session!

Step 3