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Management Analyst or Consultant

Although a portion of your scores resemble the interests of an OD practitioner, they collectively indicate that you may be more interested in a field that is adjacent to OD. “Management Analysts" and "Management Consultants" bring their expert advice to introduce and implement new systems in organizations. While Management Analysts tend to work internally as employees of the organizations they help, Management Consultants work externally and consult independently or as part of Management Consulting firms. These positions also make sure to work with stakeholders to make sure that the system is working correctly. Though OD is also concerned with helping organizations improve upon systems, rather than suggesting new approaches, OD is concerned with collaborating directly with stakeholders to better understand and produce employee led change in the system – often involving the co-creation, implementation, and continuous improvement of new systems and procedures, as well as new strategies, design, and ways of relating with each other on a healthier level of psychological and ethical functioning. If OD still sounds appealing to you, there's great news! You can still become an OD practitioner, or you might incorporate OD competencies into your toolbox to boost your effectiveness as a Management Analyst or Consultant In this brief report we'll give you some books and links to learn more about becoming a Management Analyst or Consultant. We'll also include some helpful resources related to OD that can give you a competitive edge as a Management Analyst or Consultant.

Management Analyst or Consultant
Management Analyst & Consultant Job Descriptions

Here are some examples of real Management Analyst & Consultant job descriptions to get you started! Click on a PDF to view.

Management Analyst_Associate Consultant
Download PDF • 1.06MB

Management Analyst Consultant
Download PDF • 348KB

Management Analyst in Government
Download PDF • 571KB

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