Igniting the Spirit of Organizational & Societal Transformation



Now more than ever, the field of Organization Development (OD) must play a central role in helping organizations and society navigate unprecedented challenges, including work-from-anywhere ecosystems, artificial intelligence, pandemics, racism, toxic workplaces, and the "Great Resignation, Awakening, and Reset."


Our vision is to ignite the spirit, reach, and impact of Organization Development.


Our mission is to provide a free, member-driven space that boosts OD's ability to address pressing challenges to humanity and transform organizational prosperity in radically innovative and unobstructed ways.


Our strategy is to stimulate and promote innovative and inclusive OD theories and practices, as well as a clearer understanding of the field's rapid evolution and diffusion into leadership and related professions, such as Human Resources, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Talent Development, Organizational Effectiveness, and (yes, even) Management Consulting! We accomplish this through your active engagement with self-directed professional development tools that link to back-end research conducted by OD experts and Ph.D. students who in turn improve these tools and share helpful insights.

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The M.O.S.T. Meaningful Careers Assessment

Reach for the stars! The Mastering Organizational and Societal Transformation (M.O.S.T.) Meaningful Careers Assessment will help you find a career that not only orbits the value system of OD, but is also fueled by your unique talents, sources of inspiration, work-life preferences, and the type change you wish to facilitate. It is designed to be an especially helpful tool for emerging practitioners, OD graduate students, and researchers studying the field's rapid ascent.


OD Innovation Labs

Popular OD solutions are often run like software applications that require some behavioral science knowledge, but not necessarily the deeper psychological concepts behind them. With Open-Source OD Innovation Labs, we have reverse-engineered OD to provide a fun space for creative OD students, practitioners and researchers to prototype, test, and learn about novel OD approaches to innovation and inclusion.

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Immersive Learning Circles

In living color, OD is rarely linear and is regularly met with potential pitfalls, challenges, and ethical dilemmas. The educational aim of our Immersive OD Learning Circles, which is now in its testing stage, is to provide a scenario-based, real-to-life case study (where there are no easy answers) so that you can strengthen OD competencies that are difficult or impossible to develop through books and lectures.