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Now more than ever, our world requires leaders capable of navigating unprecedented challenges, including artificial intelligence, climate change, pandemics, war, racism, work-from-anywhere ecosystems, and toxic workplaces. OpenSourceOD is a Transformative Learning Institute initiative, designed to help anyone develop a meaningful career capable of transforming organizations and society in creative, caring, and collaborative ways.


This is made possible through the power of Organization Development (OD), a diverse field of practice that uses caring and collaborative change frameworks and interventions to generate sustainable and flexible improvements to well-being, performance, and prosperity in human systems.


Our vision is to Ignite the spirit, reach, and impact of positive change agents, everywhere. Our mission is to provide an inclusive, member-driven space that boosts humanity's ability to address pressing challenges to society and transform organizational prosperity in radically innovative and inclusive ways. Our strategy is to help develop the professional calling, confidence, creativity of those who wish to steward positive change. 

Our Values

Our work invites an infinite range of perspectives, professionals, knowledge levels, and lines of inquiry to foster an Open-Source OD Mindset value system.

Practice mindfulness and open attitudes such as beginner's mind, remaining non-judgmental, and rising above the trappings of ego and habitual thinking.

The wildest idea, no matter how seemingly impractical or foolish could be the one that sets off a chain reaction of creativity. Fly your paper airplane! Say "yes and..." Keep the momentum going, because the best is always yet to come!


Proactively contribute to a psychologically safe and enjoyable space that promotes belonging and challenges us to let go of unhelpful attachments and harmful biases.


Open your ideas, research, findings, and collaborations freely with others, and provide unfettered and ongoing feedback to members and site administrators in order to improve the experience and success of your colleagues.

Stay actively curious,  feeding and connecting to your (and others') deepest sense of purpose to create OD solutions and experiences that continuously expand our practice.


Developing a deeper understanding of yourself and discovering new OD solutions is something we can all celebrate! Let's share our discoveries in the classroom, the boardroom, research publications, and conferences.

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