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Launching a Learning Organization

Greatly increase your organization's capability for collaborative exploration, strategic experimentation, and knowledge sharing.

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About the Course

Learning organizations are veritable innovation machines. They transform themselves by helping employees discover, capture, and share knowledge across the organization. This sharing of ideas and accumulation of knowledge allows employees to learn from their organization. It also gives the organization the ability to detect opportunities, pursue new investments effectively, and continuously adapt to its environment.

In a recent study of over 420 managers and employees, organizational learning was strongly correlated with competitive strategies including market differentiation, strategic flexibility, business performance, and cost leadership.

This workshop is designed to help departments such as Training, Organizational Effectiveness, and Organization Development, with identifying the current maturity level of learning systems within their organization. With the help of survey and interview data, Dr. Brendel will customize a learning experience where participants develop a strategy for launching their organization into new heights for innovation.

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  • Learn the Basics of Human-Centered design

  • Engage in the co-creative process and possibility mindset

  • Understand the persona and journey mapping process

  • Learn what is necessary for experimentation and learning launches in their organization

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