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Mindful Leadership

Give your leaders the gift of deep self-understanding, through tools and practices that are necessary to lead with greater presence and purpose.

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About the Course

Leaders are now expected to guide their organizations through countless forms of complexity, including market uncertainty, rapid technological change, globalization, generational divides, cultural differences, and change management initiatives. Research demonstrates that practicing mindfulness enables success in this environment by transforming a leader's relationship with ambiguity altogether. Learning to lead mindfully enables this transformation by cultivating: Non Attachment, Resilience, Creativity, and Compassion.

Participants also learn how to awaken these same qualities in others and inspire them to rally around causes greater than their own self-interests.

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  • Align their individual work with that of the broader team, and one-on-one with specific individuals on the team.

  • Develop greater cohesion and desire to work with fellow team members.

  • Establish a level of trust and rapport that years of working together often fails to accomplish.

  • Develop understanding of how each contributing member can help support the professional development of others.

  • Establish a sense of liberation from the outdated, run of the mill "team paradigm."

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