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Planning for Culture Shock

Give you employees the gift of direct insight, knowledge, and tools that allow them to engage and learn from unique cultural differences that exist in the workplace.

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About the Course

Culture Shock refers to a stressful transition period when employees move from a familiar environment into an unfamiliar one. It occurs as a result of a mismatch between your expectations (about language, customs, artifacts and norms) and the reality you face. As globalization has become a predominant aspect of organizational life, employees are tasked with quickly learning how to relate and work with fellow employees and customers who operate in different cultures around the world. This workshop addresses the central aspects of culture that cause the most distress in expats and employees who frequent other countries. These include differences in a culture's expectations regarding timeliness, directness, power, and collective vs. individual behaviors. This workshop also helps employees prepare themselves mentally for coping with the many physical and emotional side-effects of being in a different culture.

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  • Identify the anxieties, assumptions, and attachments that make it so difficult to lead change.

  • Understand how awareness and sense of purpose impact relationships, creativity, and organizational culture.

  • Manage transformative learning through mindfulness practice, critical reflection, open dialogue, and action.

  • Customize routines for sustaining genuine leadership presence, purpose, and results. Harnessing their expertise and igniting their desire to help the organization grow and flourish.

  • Empowering them to carry out and measure the success of creative changes they have directly developed.

  • Building organization-wide leadership capability.

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