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Emerging OD Practitioners, are you ready?

Are you ready for tomorrow's OD Network Emerging Practitioners sneak peek webinar OpenSourceOD? Igniting the Spirit, Reach, and Impact of OD Together takes place on Thursday, May 26, 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm EDT. Join Dr. Bill Brendel and the OpenSourceOD Crew to learn about three BIG free initiatives that YOU can be part of!

  • The OD Career Calling Assessment (ODCC) will help you find a career that not only orbits the value system of OD, but is also fueled by your unique talents, sources of inspiration, work-life preferences, and the type change you wish to facilitate. It is designed to be an especially helpful tool for emerging practitioners, OD graduate students, and researchers studying the field's rapid ascent.

  • With Open-Source OD Innovation Labs, we have reverse-engineered OD to provide a fun space for creative OD students, practitioners and researchers to prototype, test, and learn about novel OD approaches to innovation and inclusion.

  • In living color, OD is rarely linear and is regularly met with potential pitfalls, challenges, and ethical dilemmas. The educational aim of our Virtual Reality OD Simulation, which is now in its testing stage, is to provide a scenario-based, real-to-life case study (where there are no easy answers) so that you can strengthen OD competencies that are difficult or impossible to develop through books and lectures.

We look forward to discussing OpenSourceOD from the perspective of Emerging OD Practitioners and want you to join us in this movement to ignite the spirit, reach, and impact of Organization Development. We can't wait to see you!

Keep looking UP!

Dr. Brendel & the Crew


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