Immersive Learning Circles
Facilitated Learning Simulations using Virtual Reality

Drop into a Real OD Case Study

An OD practitioner's options are not always ideal, as they often face obstacles that are out of their control. It's up to the practitioner to remain mindful, navigate ambiguity, and embody themself as an  instrument of change. Learning how to make level-headed, values-based judgment calls - particularly when things just don't seem right - is key to the practice.

So, imagine dropping into an OD simulation, recorded with a cast of professional actors and scripted from a real life consulting case. Imagine that in the spirit of choose your own adventure books, every choice you make is met with larger-than-life consequences that require additional decisions! Imagine that your available choices are based off theories and competencies being taught in your course (e.g. use of self, process consultation, appreciative inquiry, ethical decision making, conflict mediation, diversity and inclusion, group dynamics, or situational leadership). We currently developing these solutions with the help of adventurous contributors like you! By joining this research and development process you can directly experience, learn, provide feedback, and be credited for helping test-drive our "OD Virtual Reality"(ODVR) learning solution!

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Practice Navigating Adaptive Challenges

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Transforming ourselves into effective OD practitioners who are capable of adapting to complex situations is dependent upon how much we engage with real-life challenges without jeopardizing our confidence. This immersive learning system, being championed by researchers at Penn State University's program in Organization Development & Change, will serve to develop OD skills that are difficult to accomplish through traditional learning, including the ability to practice Use of Self, mindfulness, and reflection in the midst of action.

In the spirit of choose-your-own-adventure books, you’ll meet a cast of characters (employees) and be compelled to make choices from a list of options. Just like in real life, every choice you make will have consequences and lead to an entirely new video and list of choices.


The ultimate goal is to improve our ability to remain flexible in ambiguous situations, regulate emotion, pick up on non-verbal cues, gain comfort with making and learning from mistakes, and act with greater confidence. Whether you are an emerging OD practitioner,in adjacent field to OD, or are a master at this craft, ODVR will open your eyes to a whole new level of professional development!

​Transformative Learning
Case studies turned into virtual simulations are still not enough for learning to be transformative in nature. To make this possible, researchers at Penn State are integrating a complementary learning process that stretches a learner’s ability to reflect on how well their existing habits of mind serve decision making in the heat of the moment.

 We draw from Transformative Learning Theory, which suggests that learning is transformative participants are:

  1. Faced with a real-life disorienting dilemma that shakes the foundation of our assumptions and creates pause for deep introspection.

  2. Guided in mindful, real-time reflection upon the validity of our taken-for-granted assumptions.

  3. Included in dialogue with others who have experienced the same  dilemma, so that in solidarity we may share divergent perspectives, integrate new frameworks, and develop an appreciation for the overall complexity and beauty of OD practice!

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