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New PhD Students Onboarding


Training & Development, Inclusion, Equity, Diversity, Process Improvement

Standardize A System for Onboarding of New PhD Students

New PhD Students Onboarding
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Created by:

Issa Al Balushi, Abdullah Al Subaie

Penn State

April 11, 2022 at 1:20:53 PM


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Shifting Attention

The initial phase was started with a short story that had a lot of lessons. Then, all students and faculty members were asked to give feedback about the story from their perspectives, for instance the learned lessons.

Expanding Awareness

The expanding of the participants awareness was targeted by doing a short mindful breathing exercise

Receiving Insights

In this stage, one of the prsenters started telling the paticipants the story that he had during the onboarding process to highlihgte the obstacles and challenges that he had. Some of the powerful and stimulating stentences and words were brought to the audiance attention while all of the were asked to close their eyes. During the time where they were closing their eyes, they were asked to write sense the words, circulate in their body and store them in their brain as a ""

Applying Discoveries

The applying phase was started by asking all of the participants to share their ideas and thoughts about ways to improve the onboarding process of the new students by writing them on the white boards. The presenters used SOAR analysis by focusing on the Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results (Pictures attached)

How you can improve this solution

We would use some techniques to fill the transitional brief sessions between each phase!

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