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Winning Top Talent


Innovation, Leadership, Training & Development, Engagement, Process Improvement

Any organization could utilize this approach to help their talent feel valued and appreciated to work with their organization. HR teams could utilize this approach to implement it in their organization to attract and retain top talent. This prototype is to be used by those responsible for recruitment/retention of employees (e.g. HR). The intended outcome is for participants and their teammates to be able to answer the question:
“Why would a highly talented individual choose to work for us or choose to stay employed with us because they’re satisfied with the nature of work?”

Winning Top Talent
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Created by:

Musaad Alqahtani; Tatum Risch

Pennsylvania State University

April 27, 2022 at 11:33:24 PM


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Alqahtani, M.A. & Risch, T. (2022, March 26). Winning top talent. OpenSourceOD.

Shifting Attention

Participants will shift their attention by storytelling. Participants will select a card from a deck of idea-generating photo cards. Participants will select a photo that represents how they ideally perceive the nature of work and tell a story about the photo. (10-15 minutes)

Expanding Awareness

Participants will expand their awareness through an applied mindfulness practice. Participants are asked to visualize their ideal work environment/space. (2-3 minutes)

Receiving Insights

Participants will receive insights by empathic & generative listening. Participants will work in pairs. One person will act as top talent and the other will act as an individual responsible for recruitment/retention. The employee will share their visualization of their ideal work environment/space with the individual responsible for recruitment/retention. The individual responsible for recruitment/retention will listen carefully for top talent to build and improve good relationships with them emotionally and intellectually. (10 minutes)

Applying Discoveries

Participants will apply discoveries by generative scribing and answering the question “How can our perceptions of the nature of work influence highly talented individuals' decision to work for us?” (5-8 minutes)

How you can improve this solution

The participants were asked to answer a specific question when applying their discoveries using generative scribing. This may have worked better if it was open-ended, asking for their insights from the experience. We also think this activity might work better one-on-one than in a group, for individuals to feel more comfortable to share their ideas.

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