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Mastering Organizational & Societal Transformation
The M.O.S.T. Meaningful Careers Assessment
Citizen Transformer Basics
The Citizen Transformer is always on the lookout for opportunities to address societal problems in measurable and directly observable ways. As tried-and-true OD practitioners, Citizen Transformers are likely to feel satisfied with applying a few key OD approaches that boost the mission of their clients. They may choose to consult to a wide variety of organizations, including K-12 education, environmental conservation, government services, social enterprise and charity organizations, as well as Non-Profit organizations, NGOs, and community service and development organizations. Citizen Transformers are also likely to enjoy the process of diagnosing their client's needs, identifying solutions, and helping them lead and manage the change they are desperate for.
Discover your Preference!
When you're ready to discover your own "M.O.S.T. Meaningful Career Preference", take our free assessment and you'll receive a customized, interactive report to help you chart a transformative career journey. 
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