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Innovation Culture

Equip your employees with direct insight, knowledge, and tools that allow them to directly increase innovative capacity (and many associated benefits) in themselves and your organizations.

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About the Course

Where do all the good ideas go in your organization? How are they shared? How is innovative behavior modeled in your organization? What type of an environment do you need to optimized innovation? What structures might be preventing innovation in your organization? In addition to answering these questions, this workshop zooms in on the creative capacity of your organizations with a survey. The results of this survey allow participants to zoom in on actions that can be taken immediately to increase creativity as well as an employee's confidence in bending their ideas into reality

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  • Take a survey that helps identify the central differences between their own cultural expectations and those of employees who work in or have moved from different countries.

  • Learn approaches for remaining mindful and non-judgmental in a diverse range of experiences that directly challenge their sense of right and wrong.

  • Understand the benefits of cultural competence, and identify areas they can address to create a compassionate and high performing workplace.

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