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Leading Change

Give your leaders a common language and step-by-step approach for leading change from start to finish and support the factors that help make change stick.

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About the Course

Change efforts often fail because they lack front end preparation, consensus building, decision making frameworks, buy-in, and the ability to manage resistance effectively. Organizations also tend to lack a common language, system, and set of tools that are a familiar 'go-to' with each and every change effort. Based off of state of the art change approaches I've employed around the world, this interactive workshop provides an exciting, step-by-step approach for leading and managing change.

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  • Learn about problems associated with classic leadership

  • Understand what it means to fully embody leadership by aligning presence with purpose.

  • Take the Leadership Presence & Purpose Inventory to determine their Way of Being at Work (Yearning, Habituating, Transforming, or Transcending)

  • Cultivate Leadership Presence through Mindfulness Practice

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