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Creative Amplifier

Global Competency Focus


One of the greatest joys a Creative Amplifier is likely to find, is the multiplier effect they have on the inherent genius in those they serve. No matter what job title they hold, Creative Amplifiers feel most energized by asking just the right question at just the right time, to stimulate rich, strategic, and transformative conversations. The profound consequences of their work often live on beyond your direct involvement. These include more vibrant, creative, and effective organizations. The indirect benefits of this creative capacity include multifaceted discoveries that are very difficult to quantify. And even they had time to do so, Creative Amplifiers are more likely to experience the magic of their work "in" the process of facilitating discovery, rather than as a consequence of it. For that reason, they draw upon a broad mastery of knowledge skills and abilities, including those that are not traditionally associated with the field of Organization Development.

Prioritize your Learning, Research, Stretch-Assignments, and Mentors!

The OD Network's Global Competency Framework is what is known as a a "full-spectrum" approach to OD skill development. Though it may be ideal for some people, not ever practitioner will be interested (or compelled by their job requirements) to learn all of these competencies. 


To help prioritize your OD professional development in a way that is most meaningful, practical, and economical, utilize this illustration to chart learning journey. Start with the competency cluster next to the number 1, and then move onto 2, 3, and so on.

Pay particularly careful attention to competency areas marked by stars,  as they are more likely to be appealing and useful to you given your preferences.

The Global Competency Framework also contains numerous "OD Specializations" you may choose to develop. We've studied the relevance of each of these specializations for jobs that match your preference. 

To prioritize your development it is always best to speak with a career coach to make sure that your development aligns your vision, mission, strengths and interests with real OD career opportunities.


Generally, however, we suggest starting at the top of the list and then working your way down. Anything above 80% may be considered an essential specialization for your preference..


Anything between 50- 79% should be considered an important specialization for careers that match your preference. Anything below 50% is can be helpful but not

Specialization Relevance
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