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A Humble Helping Hand

Integrity, Collaboration
A Tale of
A Humble Helping Hand
Contributed by

Kathleen Ryan

Employee Spotlight

Staci Powers


Improved Internal Relationships, Organizational Agility

A Humble Helping Hand

Staci Powers is well-known for her unwavering commitment to supporting her colleagues. With a reputation for never leaving anyone alone during challenging times, her spirit is marked by compassion and dedication. The license department, where Staci worked, had to close its doors for almost three months. However, in these times of crisis, Staci's resolve didn't falter. She found a way to continue her work from home, refusing to let circumstances dampen her spirit or dedication.

But Staci's commitment didn't stop at her usual responsibilities. Aware of the strain the pandemic had placed on every department, she decided to extend a helping hand to the Sheriff's office at the local jail. Drawing on her prior knowledge and experience, Staci saw an opportunity to serve her community and seized it, embodying the true spirit of integrity.

Integrity, as Aitkin County has emphasized, is about doing the right thing even when there are no immediate rewards or recognition. Staci's actions speak volumes about her personal and professional integrity. She stepped outside her comfort zone, offering her skills and support wherever needed without expecting anything in return.

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