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Revitalization Initiative


This site is designed to help all Aitkin employees learn, participate, and directly contribute to the vision, mission, and objectives of the Aitkin Revitalization Initiative!


Read this message from Jessica Seibert, about the hopes and intention behind this historic project.


Then, watch these videos to gain a deeper understanding of our approach, vision, mission, and objectives. Then browse the tabs above to join the action!


  • Tune into podcasts and livestreams.

  • Learn new tools.

  • Meet people from across the organization at Revitalization Jams.

View our dashboard to view and celebrate our progress!

Revitalization Kickoff Success!

Screenshot 2023-08-01 084828.png

Thank you to over 140 participants who attended our Aitkin Revitalization Kickoff Event last week! Your presence, ideas, and collaboration was an inspiration! Remember to take your baby step toward improving your experience at work! Share the results with a close colleague, and then take your next step. For those who were unable to attend, we will be releasing a video with all the topics and activities we covered shortly (announced via email). 

A Journey of a Thousand Miles

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one first step. Are you curious about all the baby steps your colleagues are taking to get the ball rolling with revitalization? We did the analysis! Here is a fun look at how you are already collectively transforming Aitkin!

  • Time Management (20%): Several items on the list revolve around managing time effectively, such as setting aside protected time, taking breaks, leaving work on time, and scheduling specific tasks throughout the day.

  • Mindfulness and Self-Care (18%): Many items focus on being present, mindful, and taking care of oneself, whether it's through meditation, breathing exercises, spending time in nature, or journaling.

  • Communication and Relationships (15%): The list emphasizes improving communication with colleagues, family members, and friends. This includes actively listening, showing appreciation, and spending quality time with loved ones.

  • Work-Life Balance (14%): There are several items aimed at achieving a better work-life balance, such as leaving work on time, taking breaks, and not bringing work-related stress home.


Watch this video to learn more about an approach we'll be using, called Organization Development, which closely resembles the five core values of Aitkin County. 

Aitkin County & Organization Development
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Watch this video to learn about our mission to develop new mindsets, systems, and skills that promote appreciation, empowerment and creative collaboration.