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Leadership, Listening, and Understanding

Collaboration, People-Focus
A Tale of
Leadership, Listening, and Understanding
Contributed by

Paula Arimborgo

Employee Spotlight

Sarah Pratt


Improved Problem Solving, Improved Internal Relationships

Leadership, Listening, and Understanding

In the face of adversity, a beacon of leadership emerged, transforming challenges into opportunities under the guidance of a remarkable leader – Sarah Pratt. As HHS navigated difficult times, staff morale plummeted. It was within this complex landscape that Sarah stepped in as a new director, inheriting a multitude of issues. Her response to this daunting task was nothing short of remarkable.

Instead of imposing sweeping changes, Sarah chose a different path – a path of listening and understanding. She recognized the value of every voice within the agency and took the time to truly hear the concerns and perspectives of the staff. Her approach was marked by transparency and inclusivity, giving staff a sense of ownership and empowerment that had been absent before. By engaging them in the decision-making process, she infused a renewed sense of purpose and unity.

Sarah's leadership exemplified our value of "Collaboration." Open to new ideas, she championed an environment where creativity and innovation could flourish. Her dedication extended beyond ideas to relationships, as she actively worked to mend strained connections and promote positive interactions. Her commitment to fostering a harmonious work environment showcased her understanding of the interconnectedness between staff morale and overall success.

At the core of Sarah's leadership is a profound appreciation for her staff's worth. Her actions reflect the essence of "People-focused," recognizing that the agency's success is built on the strengths of its people. She embraced her role not as a mere director but as a guide, a mentor, and a support system. Sarah's unyielding commitment to her staff and their well-being transformed her into a source of inspiration.

In Sarah Pratt, we find a leader who walks the talk, embodying the values that drive our agency forward. Her journey is a reminder that true leadership is rooted in empathy, collaboration, and a genuine desire for positive change. As we look to the future with anticipation, we are reminded that it's not just about achieving goals, but about cultivating a culture where every member thrives.

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