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Helping the Vulnerable Reclaim Peace

People-Focus, Collaboration, Integrity
A Tale of
Helping the Vulnerable Reclaim Peace
Contributed by

Rebecca Person

Employee Spotlight

Jon Moen, Andrea Bloom


Improved Services, Public Confidence

Helping the Vulnerable Reclaim Peace

Jon and Andrea became aware of a mutual client who was the victim of an internet scam. The scammer was routinely threatening and demeaning the client causing them to not eat, sleep, bath and isolate. In addition, the client was very fearful of the perpetrator finding them and fearful that they were going to be arrested as threatened by the perpetrator. In light of this, Jon and Andrea collaborated with our local law enforcement to meet with this client at their home to provide reassurance and alleviate the significant amount of anxiety the client was experiencing. Being able to meet with law enforcement and creatively problem solve, significantly reduced this client’s anxiety level wherein they resumed their previous routines and social connections. This collaboration also gave the client control over the situation and eliminated their fear of being arrested.

As usually happens in Health and Human Services, this incident occurred late on a Friday afternoon. Due to the gravity of the situation, Jon and Andrea put aside their work schedules and end of business day plans to collaborate with law enforcement and meet with the client to end the turmoil and anxiety they were experiencing. The client reported being greatly relieved meeting with Jon, Andrea and local law enforcement as well as regaining power over the situation.

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