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Empathy + Creativity = Positive Change

Collaboration, Innovation, People-Focus
A Tale of
Empathy + Creativity = Positive Change
Contributed by

Erin Melz

Employee Spotlight

Amy Wyant, Liz Short, Kirk Peysar, Fair Planning Committee at Aitkin County Fairgrounds, Roth RV


Improved Services, Improved Internal Relationships, Improved External Relationships, Public Confidence

Empathy + Creativity = Positive Change

In a story that beautifully weaves together the core values of "People Focused," "Innovation," and "Collaboration," the actions of previous employee Amy Wyant, Liz Short, and the Fair Planning Committee at Aitkin County Fairgrounds stand as a shining example of positive change driven by empathy and creativity.

Recognizing the absence of a tranquil and comfortable space for parents to tend to their infants and young children at the fairgrounds, Amy Wyant initiated a transformative journey. She refused to let the challenge persist and gathered a team of like-minded individuals, including Liz Short and the Fair Planning Committee, to address this issue collaboratively.

Through inspired brainstorming and a forward-thinking approach, they cultivated an innovative solution that transcended traditional boundaries. Collaborating with Kirk Peysar, the Fair Board, and Roth RV in Deerwood, they recognized an opportunity to create a win-win scenario. By providing Roth RV with free advertising and securing a solution for the fairgrounds, they forged a partnership that served the needs of both parties.

The result of this synergy was the provision of a much-needed parent/infant rest area at the fairgrounds. Roth RV, in a commendable act of generosity, continues to donate a camper every year for this purpose. This camper not only serves as a practical solution for nursing, changing, resting, and cooling down, but it has also transformed the fair experience for families. It becomes a haven of comfort, cleanliness, and tranquility amidst the excitement of the fair, allowing families to spend quality time together in an enriched environment.

Amy's visionary leadership initiated this transformation, and Liz's ongoing dedication ensures its continuity. Their actions exemplify the profound impact that can arise when individuals come together with a shared purpose, harnessing their collective strengths to innovate for the betterment of the community. This story is a testament to how, through collaboration and ingenuity, we can create environments that truly reflect our values of putting people first, embracing innovation, and working together to make positive changes that resonate deeply within our community.

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