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Extraordinary Educator

Collaboration, Professionalism, Innovation, People-Focus
A Tale of
Extraordinary Educator
Contributed by

Carol Johnson

Employee Spotlight

Julianna Langlois


Improved Internal Relationships, Efficiency, Organizational Agility, Public Confidence, Improved External Relationships, Improved Services

Extraordinary Educator

Meet Julianna Langlois, our extraordinary 4-H Educator whose commitment to excellence has transformed our program over the past year. With her unwavering dedication to our core value of People-Focused, Julianna has truly embodied what it means to put people first.

In a world where it's easy to overlook voices in the crowd, Julianna stands out for her exceptional listening skills. She not only hears everyone involved in 4-H but also truly listens, valuing each individual's perspective and ideas. Her efforts have led to remarkable growth within our program, pushing it to new heights. The positive changes we've witnessed are a direct result of her relentless work ethic and a genuine desire to make a difference.

Julianna's impact ripples through every aspect of our organization. She swiftly addresses queries, fostering a sense of belonging and responsiveness that builds strong community relationships. Her innovative approach breathes life into past programs, infusing them with fresh energy and exciting changes. Julianna fearlessly embraces new ideas, inspiring us all to step outside our comfort zones and explore uncharted territories. Her encouragement uplifts everyone she interacts with, fostering an environment where growth and success are inevitable.

As a 4-H shooting coach, Quiz Bowl coach, Dog Training Coach, Rabbit Agility coach, and 4-H Club leader, I have personally witnessed Julianna's remarkable contributions. Her positive energy is infectious, and her enthusiasm is a driving force behind the success of our diverse endeavors. Julianna's impact isn't just felt on an individual level; it resonates throughout the entire organization, fueling our well-being, productivity, engagement, and satisfaction.

It's individuals like Julianna who remind us of the profound importance of our core values. Her dedication to putting people first has not only transformed our program but also reinvigorated our passion and commitment. Julianna's story of excellence serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us all of the incredible impact that one person can have on an entire organization. We are truly fortunate to have her, and I wholeheartedly believe that recognizing her exceptional contributions is not only appropriate but essential to ensuring the continued success of our thriving 4-H community.

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