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People-Focus, Integrity
A Tale of
Contributed by

DJ Thompson

Employee Spotlight

Dustin Goble


Tourism, Improved External Relationships


Dustin Goble, through his unwavering commitment to hospitality, collaboration, and professionalism, demonstrates the true spirit of Aitkin County's values when it comes to showcasing the natural beauty of their forests. Every December, when a professor from the University of MN brings her students to explore the county's forests, Dustin plays a crucial role in ensuring their visit is exceptional.

Anticipating the potential challenges posed by heavy snowfall, Dustin begins preparing early for those special Saturdays. With dedication and care, he makes sure any needed trails are meticulously packed down, creating a safe and accessible path for the visiting students from the cities. His efforts not only showcase the natural beauty of Aitkin County's forests but also exemplify the warmth and hospitality for which the county is renowned.

Dustin's actions embody the core value of hospitality and people-focus. Through his selfless dedication, he extends a welcoming hand to visitors, making them feel valued and appreciated. By taking the initiative to ensure the tour sites are accessible and providing a memorable experience, he helps foster a positive impression of Aitkin County, leaving a lasting impact on the students and furthering their understanding and appreciation of the local environment.

Collaboration also shines through Dustin's actions. As he takes on the responsibility of preparing the sites, he works in harmony with the professor and her students to create a seamless and enjoyable experience. This collaborative effort showcases the county's ability to come together, combining expertise and resources for the benefit of all involved.

Moreover, Dustin's professionalism is evident in his dedication and meticulous approach to his task. He demonstrates respect and responsibility by taking on the extra workload without hesitation and ensuring that the sites are safe and well-prepared. His actions reflect the highest standards of professionalism, reflecting positively on himself, his department, and Aitkin County as a whole.

The impact of Dustin's hospitality and dedication extends beyond the visiting students. Through his efforts, he promotes Aitkin County as a welcoming and scenic destination, potentially attracting more visitors and contributing to the local economy. Additionally, his actions foster a sense of pride and unity within the community, reinforcing the reputation of Aitkin County as a place known for its natural beauty and warm hospitality.

Dustin's commitment to showcasing Aitkin County's forests and demonstrating the county's values has a profound effect on both the students and the community. By embodying hospitality, collaboration, and professionalism, he becomes an ambassador for the county, leaving a positive and lasting impression on those he interacts with. His actions not only enhance the visitors' experience but also contribute to the overall reputation and success of Aitkin County as a premier destination for nature lovers and a community that prides itself on its warmth and hospitality.

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