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One Happy Camper!

Collaboration, People-Focus
A Tale of
One Happy Camper!
Contributed by

DJ Thompson

Employee Spotlight

Chris Johnson


Improved Services, Efficiency, Tourism

One Happy Camper!

In a seamless display of proactive problem-solving, collaboration, and professionalism, Chris Johnson demonstrated his commitment to safety and community well-being in Aitkin County. On a scorching summer Friday afternoon, I received a call from a concerned campground visitor who noticed a nearby tree showing signs of imminent collapse. So I promptly reached out to Chris to let him know I’d be checking the tree to see if there were any signs it might collapse. I told him I’d reach back to him if I needed his help. And yes, I discovered the tree was about to collapse, so I gave Chris a call. Chris told me he was already on his way!

Chris's proactive approach and swift action are a testament to his professionalism and integrity. Without hesitation, he quickly arrived at the scene almost faster than I could relay the urgency of the situation. This commitment to addressing the problem efficiently and effectively reflects Chris's professionalism and his deep sense of responsibility to the community.
By successfully removing the tree in less than an hour, Chris not only averted a potential hazard but also provided peace of mind to the concerned camper. This allowed the camper to sleep better that night, highlighting the positive impact of Chris's actions on the well-being and comfort of the community.
Beyond the immediate benefits for the camper, the collaboration and professionalism demonstrated by Chris has broader implications for Aitkin County. His prompt response and efficient resolution of the tree hazard contribute to the overall safety and reputation of the county as a place where residents and visitors can feel secure and protected.

Moreover, the incident serves as an example of community members looking out for one another and taking action when necessary. This sense of unity and mutual support strengthens the fabric of Aitkin County, fostering a spirit of collaboration and responsibility that extends beyond individual situations.

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