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Aitkin Excellence!

Pot Lucky!

Collaboration, People-Focus
A Tale of
Pot Lucky!
Contributed by

Kami Genz

Employee Spotlight

The Probation Office


Improved Internal Relationships

Pot Lucky!

In a delightful twist on the traditional potluck, the probation team demonstrates their commitment to collaboration, people-focus, and professionalism by extending their invitation beyond their own department. They thought innovatively and inclusively, inviting members of the surrounding organizational community, such as the security desk person and even a judge, to join their potluck gatherings.

By broadening the guest list, the probation team creates a wonderful sense of unity and equality within their community. The potluck, with its ever-changing themes, serves as a great equalizer, allowing everyone to come together as individuals rather than defined by their roles or positions. This informal gathering provides a valuable outlet for people to relax, be themselves, and release some of the work-related stress they carried.

However, the impact of this initiative reaches beyond fostering a sense of camaraderie. The potluck gatherings also create an informal learning community, where individuals have the opportunity to share ideas, processes, and more without feeling the constraints of an agenda. This environment nurtures genuine curiosity and interest in one another, enabling organic conversations and connections to form.

Through these interactions, the probation team exemplifies professionalism by promoting respectful and responsible behavior. They demonstrate their commitment to treating each person, regardless of their role, with dignity and respect. By breaking down barriers and fostering genuine connections, they establish a foundation of trust and collaboration that benefits both their team and the wider organizational community.

Additionally, the potluck gatherings have a positive impact on the overall work environment and employee well-being. By providing a space for individuals to unwind and connect on a personal level, the team creates a supportive and inclusive culture. This, in turn, leads to improved morale, increased job satisfaction, and enhanced overall performance.

By embodying the values of collaboration, people-focus, and professionalism, they contributed to the effectiveness and performance of their local county government. The potlucks are a powerful tool for building relationships, sharing knowledge, and strengthening bonds among colleagues, leading to a more cohesive and productive work environment for the benefit of fellow employees and citizens alike.

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