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Aitkin Excellence!

Print, Fold, and File no more!

A Tale of
Print, Fold, and File no more!
Contributed by

Kathleen Ryan

Employee Spotlight

Christy Bishop


Efficiency, Cost Savings

Print, Fold, and File no more!

In our ever-busy county auditor's office, things began to change with the arrival of a new employee, Christy Bishop. She took over a role that had very specific systems and procedures, all set up by the person who had the job before her. Christy has a reputation for being observant and curious. In a very friendly way, she wonders "why" things were done a certain way and is always looking for ways to make things better.

In her new role, Christy noticed something strange. Her predecessor had a habit of printing, folding, and filing all voter registration card information. It seemed like a big waste of time. Wanting to understand the job better, Christy contacted the State of Minnesota. She learned something important. There was no need to print, fold, and file the voter registration information. The state only required it to be filed electronically.

With this knowledge, Christy acted. She made sure the electronic filing system was secure and efficient. She got rid of the old "print, fold, file" method. The change might not seem huge, but it made a big difference. Christy's decision to question and change the old way of doing things led to saving money on paper, printer maintenance, and toner. It also created a more creative and productive work environment.

Through her actions, Christy proved that every process, no matter how entrenched, can be evaluated and improved upon. Through her curiosity and commitment to progress, she brought Aitkin's core value of "Innovation" to life in the heart of the county auditor's office, leaving an indelible mark on her colleagues and our citizens.

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