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Protecting and Serving your Colleagues

Professionalism, People-Focus, Collaboration
A Tale of
Protecting and Serving your Colleagues
Contributed by

Brenda Butterfield

Employee Spotlight

Heidi Lenk, Paul Bruggman, Paul Ryan, Tim Catlin


Improved Services, Improved Internal Relationships

Protecting and Serving your Colleagues

In the midst of a challenging situation involving a family in turmoil, a remarkable display of unity and support emerged. As a child found themselves in placement while the parents were grappling with substance use, the father's behavior turned unpredictable and hostile. This individual, known to local law enforcement, resorted to threats and anger, even venting his frustrations on social media – a concerning development that raised red flags.

In this moment of uncertainty, the stalwarts of safety and security stepped in – Heidi Lenk, Paul Bruggman from the Aitkin Sheriff's Office, and Tim Catlin and Paul Ryan from Aitkin PD. With unwavering dedication, they tackled the situation head-on, recognizing the significance of the threat and the potential for danger. Their commitment to ensuring not just my safety but the safety of the entire agency and community was commendable.

Heidi, Paul, Tim and Paul extended their support in a myriad of ways. They provided guidance, stayed in regular touch, and offered to accompany me to and from my destinations, proving their dedication to our collective well-being. Their collaboration extended beyond their respective roles, transcending titles and agencies. Such selflessness and camaraderie reinforced the core values of professionalism and collaboration that define Aitkin County.

In this challenging chapter, it wasn't just these individuals who stood by me; my co-workers within my unit and agency also provided unwavering support. This collective spirit, this intertwined tapestry of mutual support, speaks volumes about the culture that thrives within our community.

I find myself deeply grateful for Heidi, Paul, Tim, Paul and every co-worker who lent their hand in this critical time. Their actions resonate as a true embodiment of respect, as their dedication and sacrifice reinforce the bonds that tie us together. Their vigilance made me feel safe, their kindness made me feel supported, and their unwavering commitment reminded me of the incredible impact that collaboration between social services and law enforcement can yield.

In their presence, I find solace, assurance, and gratitude. Their actions exemplify the very essence of what makes Aitkin County a community of strength, resilience, and unity. In them, I not only see professionals but also guardians of safety, advocates of justice, and pillars of the values we hold dear.

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