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Rising above Resistance

People-Focus, Professionalism
A Tale of
Rising above Resistance
Contributed by

Connor Plagge

Employee Spotlight

Henry Egland


Improved External Relationships, Public Confidence

Rising above Resistance

In the face of a challenging situation, Henry Egland has demonstrated exceptional professionalism, patience, and dedication. Working with difficult clients who displayed resistance to compliance and expressed a lack of willingness to cooperate, Henry's approach embodies our organization's commitment to "Professionalism" and "People Focused" care.

The clients in question proved to be hard to deal with, showing reluctance to obtain permits and displaying noncompliance. Despite these hurdles, Henry remained unwavering in his commitment to guiding them through the process. His calm and respectful demeanor in the face of their ungrateful attitude speaks volumes about his professionalism and dedication to his role.

Henry's actions showcase his ability to rise above the challenges presented by the clients. He continued to address their questions, offer resources, and engage in constructive dialogue, even when the clients seemed to show little appreciation for his efforts. This dedication to providing support and information, even when it appeared undeserved, aligns with our values of providing the best possible service to those we serve.

What is truly remarkable is Henry's commitment to doing the right thing even when faced with adversity. He invested numerous hours into the case, despite the ongoing resistance and challenges presented by the clients. His persistence in working with them, despite the difficult circumstances, underscores his determination to uphold the principles of professionalism and to provide the highest level of service.

This story is a powerful reminder that even when faced with difficult situations and uncooperative individuals, our commitment to professionalism and "People Focused" care should never waver. Henry's actions exemplify the value of patience, respect, and dedication in navigating complex cases and interactions. His ability to maintain his professionalism and provide support even in the face of adversity sets a standard of excellence that we can all aspire to uphold.

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