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Stepping up in a big way!

Professionalism, Integrity
A Tale of
Stepping up in a big way!
Contributed by

Andrew Carlstrom

Employee Spotlight

Kim Burton


Public Confidence, Improved External Relationships, Organizational Agility, Improved Internal Relationships

Stepping up in a big way!

Kimberly Burton has served as Office Assistant 5 within the Environmental Services – Planning & Zoning Department since September of 2018. Kim’s job duties include assisting customers and contractors who come in-person, call, or email inquiring with land use permitting, serving as Department Billing/Reconciliation Manager, Septic Loan & Grant Program Manager, and finally as the primary organizer for Household Hazardous Waste Day, Electronic Waste Day, and Environmental Education Day. One of Kim’s primary job duties is serving applicants and the Board of Adjustment members as Board Secretary, processing these sometimes difficult and challenging land use variance requests from start to finish, and which can span weeks to months before approval or denial.

In the summer of 2022, our department was again experiencing another very busy year receiving, reviewing, and processing land use permits. That particular summer we were short-staffed three team members, and Kim freely volunteered to take the job duties of her counterpart, who was on maternity leave. During May through August, Kim performed all her regular duties exceptionally, plus many other duties, included serving as the Planning Commission Secretary. Hundreds of hours of preparation, coordinating, communicating, and finally delivering all the needed documents for both the Board of Adjustment and Planning Commission during the summer of 2022 was completed successfully and seamlessly by Kim. Kimberly Burton truly serves with dedication, is talented, and is undoubtedly an exceptional team member to Aitkin County.

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