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The Good Steward

People-Focus, Integrity
A Tale of
The Good Steward
Contributed by

Mike Dangers

Employee Spotlight

Cathy Olson


Improved External Relationships, Efficiency, Improved Services

The Good Steward

Cathy Olson's commitment to being People-Focused shines through in her dedication to assisting and supporting individuals in need. In an instance at the old building, Cathy demonstrated her compassionate nature when she noticed an elderly man seeking assistance at the counter. Despite the need for him to visit a different department located upstairs, Cathy went above and beyond to ensure his comfort and safety throughout the entire process.
Understanding the challenges faced by the elderly man, Cathy accompanied him on his journey to the second floor, providing valuable guidance and assistance along the way. She skillfully navigated through staircases and areas where signage was less clear, ensuring that the gentleman felt supported and confident during his visit.

Cathy's actions exemplify the core value of People-Focused within Aitkin. Her dedication to the well-being and needs of the elderly man showcases her genuine care and empathy. By going beyond her role and dedicating her time and attention, Cathy created a safe and inclusive environment where individuals feel valued and supported.

The impact of Cathy's actions extends beyond this singular encounter. By prioritizing the individual's needs and providing personalized assistance, she sets a powerful example for her colleagues and the broader organization. Her display of empathy and willingness to go the extra mile fosters a culture of compassion and care, reinforcing the notion that everyone's unique circumstances and challenges should be met with understanding and support.

Moreover, Cathy's actions have a significant impact on the effectiveness and performance of the organization. By ensuring the elderly man's ease of navigation within the building, she contributes to a positive experience that can enhance customer satisfaction and build trust in the services provided by the department. Additionally, her actions inspire a collaborative and supportive environment among staff members, fostering a culture where helping others is valued and encouraged. Cathy’s actions have the potential to positively impact fellow employees, citizens, and the reputation of the organization as a whole, ultimately leading to improved effectiveness and performance in serving the community.

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