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Unlocking the Valuation Mystery

People-Focus, Professionalism
A Tale of
Unlocking the Valuation Mystery
Contributed by

Mike Dangers

Employee Spotlight

Shannon Parenteau


Efficiency, Improved Problem Solving, Improved External Relationships

Unlocking the Valuation Mystery

Shannon Parenteau's commitment to people focus is exemplified through her innovative approach in supporting property owners and fostering transparency within the appraisal process. As appraisers update valuations on lakes, Shannon recognized the need to provide property owners with a comprehensive understanding of the valuation process. In response, she developed a meticulously organized three-ringed binder filled with detailed information on each lake, which can be presented during appeal meetings.

During the springtime appeal meetings, property owners have the opportunity to voice their concerns regarding the valuations. Shannon's binder serves as a valuable resource, helping individuals make sense of the factors that contribute to their property's valuation. By presenting clear and concise information based on different aspects of the property, Shannon empowers property owners to comprehend the rationale behind the valuations and facilitates a more informed dialogue.

Shannon's binder has not only gained the trust of property owners but also earned the respect and confidence of the town board supervisors. By demonstrating the depth and thoughtfulness behind the numbers, Shannon has elevated the transparency and credibility of the appraisal process. Her dedication to providing comprehensive and understandable information has fostered a positive relationship between property owners, town board supervisors, and the appraisal team.

Moreover, Shannon's positive attitude and her ability to apply her knowledge in documenting information from the HHS (Department of Health and Human Services) to the appraiser role have further enhanced her impact. Her expertise in understanding and effectively communicating complex concepts has greatly contributed to the success of her people-focused approach.

The potential impact of Shannon's efforts extends beyond the immediate appeal meetings. By providing property owners with clarity and insight, she cultivates a sense of trust and satisfaction within the community. Property owners can feel confident that the valuation process is fair, transparent, and based on well-informed assessments. This, in turn, strengthens the relationship between the county and its citizens, fostering a positive and collaborative environment.

Shannon's innovative approach and dedication to people focus benefit not only property owners but also the entire county. By promoting transparency, understanding, and trust, she contributes to a more harmonious and productive relationship between the appraisal team, town board supervisors, and property owners. Ultimately, this fosters a positive reputation for the county, bolstering its effectiveness and performance in serving its citizens.

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