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Walk with me

People-Focus, Integrity
A Tale of
Walk with me
Contributed by

Bobbie Danielson

Employee Spotlight

Nicole Visnovec


Improved Services, Improved External Relationships

Walk with me

Nicole is a shining example of an employee who wholeheartedly embraces our organization’s core value of being People-Focused. She loves meeting people and winning them over by making a connection with them. She can often be seen going out of her way to greet visitors who are wandering and assist them through the maze of hallways to their intended destinations. Her daily attentiveness and desire to help others shows through her actions, maximizing productivity and making optimal use of their available time and energy. Nicole exemplifies the county's genuine care for its staff and residents.

One day, Nicole's people-focused nature was demonstrated when she saw an elderly Veteran arrive onsite and knew the VSO Office next door was closed. She anticipated the Veteran’s needs and quickly went out to greet him with a warm smile, saving him the long walk in. The impact of Nicole's thoughtful actions extends far beyond a single instance. This dedication to helping others showcases the county's commitment to providing a caring and supportive environment for its staff and residents, particularly those who may require additional assistance.

By actively engaging in people-focused initiatives, Nicole sets a positive example for her colleagues, contributing to a respectful, fun, and supportive work environment. Also, her actions inspire a sense of gratitude within the community and support the county's mission of providing outstanding public service.

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